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UN International Day of Non-Violence: Peace, Kindness & Compassion

UN International Day of Non-Violence and Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday celebration 2nd October 2022 at Penang Gandhi Peace Centre, Malaysia.

BK Meera was the main speaker who spoke on PEACE, KINDNESS AND COMPASSION- Making a better future’ BK Meera shared that war begins in the mind before war breaks out. Let us activate our innate quality of peace instead of thoughts of war. Love and fear cannot go together. There is no love today because there is a lot of fear. She gave 3 gifts:

  1.  a quiet mind,
  2. a quiet love,
  3. a quiet life.

and 3 prescriptions:
1. Start the day with a positive affirmation
2. One minute stop every hour
3. Perform an act of kindness daily

Welcome address was by Prof. Dato Seri (Dr) Anwar Fazal and Dr Chandra Malairaja, JSM, Chairman, Hindu Mahajana Sangam.

A number of NGO leaders were present to support this important event.

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