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UN Social Development Conference (CSocD60) Side Event

A Spiritual Vaccine: Building Inner Immunity: Capitilizing on the Capacity of the Human Spirit.

Friday, February 11, 10AM EST.

UN 60th Session on the Commission for Social Development took place from February 7 – 16, 2022. The Side event was organised by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University with the participation of the distinguished panel and individuals curious about the idea of a spiritual vaccine and an inside out approach.


  • Dr. Coralanne Griffith-Hunte, A Human, Industrial and Trauma Psychologist, Founder and Chairwoman of the Created For Greatness Leadership Group, Inc. U.S.A
  • Dr. Pratap Midha, General Manager of the Global Hospital and Research Centre of the Brahma Kumaris, India
  • Dr. Binod Man Shreshta, Brahma Kumaris, Nepal, Professor of Pediatrics in the Nepalese Army.

Moderator :  Ms. Varshnie Singh A.A., Founder & Secretary of the Kids First Fund, Guyana

The session had over 60 participants from around the world. BK Kinnari Murthy, BK representative at the UN, opened the session with welcoming words filled with peace and love and led us to take a moment to set our intention for the session and centre ourselves before introducing Varshnie Singh, our Moderator.

Below is the essence of what each of the panelists shared:

Dr Hunte

We can only be human together. We were able to provide help. We provided voluntary mental health service for free for everyone .  we are loved in a relationship, We can only be healed by relationship. We were able to give hope. Love and support is bigger than covid .

We were hope ambassadors. 

Dr Binod

We distributed food. Many volunteers emerged .We gave spiritual classes. More than 1000 people took part in meditation claseds and they are still participating.  If a person lacks spiritual health,  he becomes spiritually poor.


Doctors came to help voluntarily and took only 50% pay.Most important thing was that the human mind was ready to serve . Even our house keeping staff came forward to help.  It is the spirit of humanity and it was spontaneous .  People need a sense of belonging . Spirituality is the sense of giving . People needed a good spiritual glance  to recover. When we give we become filled and we become rich.Love is what bind us all together  We must treat others in the way we wish us to be treated.    

Ms. Varshnie 

We have focused on material well being but at the end of the day we can only sleep in one bed. Being have spiritual starvation all though they are well fed and have everything. 

The need for spiritual first aid kit was introduced and you can download it here: 

Spiritual well being only brings all wealth and goodness to us. We can take any material possession with us. When we lack peace, love, forgiveness, what are we really giving.It’s love, care, and compassion that bind us together to rise above.

Questions asked  during the discussion 

  • Q .What kept you inspired during the pandemic?
  • Q. How important is self-care
  • Q. What are the types of trauma faced during the pandemic?
  • Q. Why the spiritual first aid kit?
  • Q. Instances of humanity in action?
  • Q. What is spiritual poverty?
  • Q. How can we feed the soul’s hunger for spiritual food?
  • Q. What can we do to answer humanity’s call for help?
  • Q. Pandemic misinformation= confusion what did you do to combat this?

The BKUN CSocD delegation.

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