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Updates on UNFCCC


On Friday, November 11, history was written as all the mosques in Morocco dedicated that Friday’s prayers especially to the environment and for the protection of nature. This action was supported by the Kingdom of Morocco and marked a great turning point for the faith-based communities. More than 600 mosques in Morocco have received a green facelift and are being equipped with new solar systems.


The climate change conference continues with wonderful opportunities to participate and share insights to make our world a healthy planet.

You are invited to read reports and see colorful photographs by clicking on the following links:

November 10

November 11

November 12 &13

These reports include:

  • Forum of the Earth, a two day event
  • Climate change, food and the arts
  • African agriculture
  • Delightful photos
  • Interfaith dialogues
  • Youth participation

Reports on:

November 14



November 15 report:



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