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Week of Spirituality at the UN

October 24 marked the United Nations Day and during that week, the Spirit of the United Nations is usually highlighted. Various events were organized in observance of this:



It was a time that attracted many spiritual minded people, including the Brahma Kumaris, to gather and share goodwill, meditate together, and openly talk about the wonders of the Divine. Each event was well attended and there was an air of peace, silence, camaraderie, and even laughter.

It was noted that ‘The Spirit of the United Nations’ is one that offers a spiritual foundation that nurtures resilience and hope. It is about a change of heart. To bring peace, to change the world, the need to go to the Source of Peace should be realized. A transformation of hearts can bring about a transformation of the world!

The week ended with a beautiful session on meditation and mindfulness which was facilitated by various types of performances – song, dance, poetry, and prayer.



By keeping the ‘Spirit of the UN’ alive in our hearts, we can look forward to having a better and brighter world in our future. However, it is by having the company of the Divine Source of Peace by our side that makes this a reality.

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