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World Environment Day event

“Valuing the Self and Caring for the Element of Water.”

Thursday, June 4, 2020

In keeping with the June theme of “The Heart of Well-Being: Living a Healthier and Happier Life,” the Thursday evening, June 4 program was dedicated to the UN World Environment Day and entitled “Valuing the Self and Caring for the Element of Water.” Brahma Kumaris Global Harmony House, New York, organized this zoom event.

Guest speakers were Juan Vazquez and Dr. Sarah J. Meyland. Juan Vazquez is a BK NGO representative to the UN who has participated in seven UN conferences on climate change and the RIO+20 Conference on Sustainable Development. Dr. Sarah J. Meyland is a scientist and attorney with 40 years of experience in environmental law, water resources protection and management, hydrology, and environmental policy. As an associate professor at NYIT, has taught courses in the Department of Technology and Sustainability for the past twenty years. Michelle Schimel, the evening’s moderator, has served five terms as a former New York State Assembly member. She continues to work in gun violence prevention, environmental preservation and social justice. She also serves with Professor Meyland on the Long Island Water Sustainability Study Steering Committee.

The evening’s stimulating and informative conversation validated the necessity of keeping a spiritual eye as we look to science for solutions. Through their respective prisms of science and spirituality, Meyland and Vazquez discussed ways in which our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors are responsible for the well-being of not only ourselves but our planet as we attempt to cure the scars of human greed and arrogance. Juan and Sarah agreed that realizing the value of our spiritual identity as beings of peace will naturally enable us to be more mindful of the impact our personal choices have on making the total environment – including all plants, water, animals, microorganisms, and climate – cleaner and healthier.

As Sister Mohini said in her introduction to the evening, “We need to have environmental respect.”

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