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World Interfaith Harmony Week Events

February 1-7, 2024

The Brahma Kumaris participated in an Interfaith Dialogue organized by the Tzu Chi Foundation and Global Family for Peace and Happiness.

A diverse panel comprising of various faith traditions shared from their experience on how values can be implemented in order to bring  about harmony and understanding among communities. It was noted that one of best ways to do this is to find our common ground and build on that. Also, to see the light in the self and in each other, and to recognize that the core values of each one are actually the same and how interconnected we all are. Core values such as peace, nonviolence, respect, acceptance, compassion, and tolerance are taught and practiced in all faith traditions.

Traditional tea was a treat before participating in a beautiful meditation by ‘Chan Space,’ taking everyone beyond sound leaving behind an atmosphere of powerful peace.


As the Co-chair of the Committee of Religious NGOs, Brahma Kumaris at the UN co-hosted a ‘Multi-religious Prayer Service for Global Peace, Healing, and Harmony’.

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