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Yoga and the UN: Culture of Peace

ECOSOC Chamber, Friday, May 19, 2017

Yoga and the UN annual Culture of Peace Program was extra special this year as the Brahma Kumaris was invited to speak on the panel on the subject of, ‘Celebrate Earth: Sustainable Living, Meditation and Yoga.’

Even though it was a Friday evening when many New Yorkers are either going away for the weekend or attending social functions, it was heartwarming to see that many chose to attend and be a part of this discussion. A representative from the Permanent Mission of Nepal to the UN addressed the audience followed by the keynote speaker, Yogmata Keiko Aikawa, Founder of Science of Enlightenment and Yogmata Foundation.

The captivating stories and information shared by the panel awakened a lot of interest in the gathering. We heard about the wonders of how yoga impacts our lifestyle in a positive way. Dada Maheshvarananda, Author and Founder of the Prout Research Institute, reminded us that one method of sustainability comes from a change in diet to a vegetarian one. Another is the spiritual trajectory – when we come face to face with our own weaknesses, we change our attitude which has an effect on our actions that then impact the environment around us.

Thermal Solar Power Plant at Mt. Abu

Thermal Solar Power Plant at Mt. Abu

Julia Grindon-Welch, representative of the Brahma Kumaris to the UN, shared about what the BKs are doing to support climate change using the method of Raj Yoga Meditation. The India One Thermal Solar Power Plant is the first of its kind in the world in dish technology in direct steam generation mode, with full thermal storage for 16 hrs continuous operations for base load. Learn more. Ms. Julia also introduced us to ‘yogic agriculture,’ a method of farming that involves a positive attitude and awareness. It was also observed that this focus on having positivity in consciousness while planting and reaping had a direct effect on the personal lives of the farmers. Learn more.

View her presentation here.

BK Julia speaking at Yoga and the UNCP

Ms. Michele Ganpat shared enriching stories of how meditation helped her at her workplace, being an Instructor and Mentor for children and young adults.

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