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Yoga: Return to the Heart of the Source

IDY Committee at the UN yoga event was held at the prestigious Tillman Chapel of the UN Church Center on Tuesday, June 18, 2019, in celebration of the 5th anniversary of International Day of Yoga (IDY).

The program opened with a brief introduction to Yoga Day by Denise Scotto, Esq. Chair, IDY Committee at the UN, attorney-at-law and policy advisor. This was followed by the melodious singing of Heather Lee, soprano, performer and educator, filling the the room with light and opening our hearts to love.

Doriano Miletic, Yoga Instructor and Board member, Yoga in Daily Life-NY, brought us to a very relaxed state by means of various yoga postures and simple stretches.

At this point, we were all ready to listen to the captivating conversation between Bruce Cryer, CEO, HeartMath organization and proclaimed performer; Gayatri Naraine, Vice Chair, IDY Committee at the UN and UN representative of the Brahma Kumaris who practices Raja Yoga; and Denise Scotto as moderator.

Gayatri clarified for us that Raja Yoga is about self realization. She stated that we are in the habit of looking outward as our face is facing out! For self realization, we need to start looking inward. As self-compassion gets developed, we gradually begin to understand ourselves for who we are – peace, love, and happiness. In other words, self-love is essential for self realization. 

Bruce then shared that HeartMath is about understanding the broader functions of the heart and the relationship it has the brain. He told us there’s an electric field in everything, including our emotions. These have an effect on the field of the heart which can extend as far as 10 ft. That’s why we can sense what someone is feeling even without they saying anything. Our feelings produce a biochemical that affects our heart. The heart then responds to our feelings. It is therefore recommended that we try to maintain positive and uplifting thoughts. This increases the health of the heart.

After this rich dialogue, we were again enthralled by the singing of Heather. The song she chose was one that Mahatma Gandhi wrote while he was in prison!! It was all about empowering the self.

In conclusion, it is essential that we spend ample time daily practicing Raja Yoga Meditation to ensure a healthy mind that then creates empowering thoughts to which the heart responds accordingly.

Even though it was a very wet and stormy day, we were all very happy we were present. It was not only uplifting, but educational, enriching, and rewarding in many ways. As one participant shared: “One of the compelling aspects of the event was the reflection on the significance of the heart of the source. The reflections were primarily from two perspectives, science and spirituality. The unified notion on the cognizance of the heart as the natural source to access our emotional intelligence, established the interrelatedness of the two views.”

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