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Yoga: The Ultimate Connection

Scandinavian House, NYC, Thursday, June 22, 2017

About 150 guests gathered in the auditorium of the Scandinavian House, after a delightful reception, to listen to the conversation between BK Shivani and Dr. Bruce Lipton, moderated by Denise Scotto.

BK Shivani, Raja Yoga Meditation Teacher and main presenter on TV program, Awakening with the Brahma Kumaris,  shared on the value of self awareness and connection with the Source in improving the quality of our life. She highlighted the fact that this type of connection finishes the issues that surround the feelings of victimization. One can never be a victim when one realizes that we are the creator of our own destiny.

Dr. Bruce Lipton and BK Shivani in conversation

Dr. Bruce Lipton and BK Shivani in conversation

Dr. Lipton, an American developmental biologist, took the discussion to another level by stating how we can impact all levels of our inner and outer worlds. There is clear proof that genes do not determine our personality – that we do that ourselves.   Genes adapt to our environment and we are responsible for creating or being within that environment. When one is in tune with Source, it becomes easy to transform one’s inner or outer environment to a more positive and desirable one. He was in total agreement with BK Shivani with the fact that we are not a victim of our genes – they do not determine our lives. We have the inner strength and ability to change our personality.

They both affirm that meditation and connection, yoga, with the Source play a vital role in providing the clarity and strength needed to bring about the change we want. This is the Ultimate Connection!!

The evening was accented with the melodious singing of Paul Luftenegger, singer and songwriter, and a stunning interpretive dance performance by Elizabeth Karmooch and Yuritzi Govea.

With all the performers

With all the performers

BK Shivani closed the evening with a powerful guided meditation commentary, taking all present into an experience of the Ultimate Connection.

More about the event: Program

Some feedback from guests:

“The beautiful program that you presented last evening was truly meaningful and infused with connective spirit.”
“BK Shivani & Bruce Lipton’s views connecting science & spirituality were riveting, transcending myth and transporting our minds to the future.” “The union of heart – mind –personal and collective –was made palpable through the music, dance and deep expressions of creative divinity.”
“I am grateful to witness this sharing in community and for your group’s empowering celebration.”

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