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Youth Day celebration

“Project: A Beautiful World. Construction On-Going”. 13th August

To celebrate the UN International Youth Day, the Brahma Kumaris Philippines, organized a hybrid program entitled “Project: A Beautiful World. Construction On-Going”. This event created a space for young adults to meet and engage in conversations on creating hope for a sustainable future and a better world for all.

Sr. BK Rajni Daulatram, the National Coordinator of Japan & Philippines, gave  warm welcome greetings to the 70 participants virtually. This was followed by an inspirational talk, the short Q&A and the meditation experience. This segued into a Golden Drops workshop for the in-person participants at the retreat center.

The participants included our friends and contacts: our sisters from Daughters of Charity; our brothers, the seminarians from St. Augustine Major Seminary (SASMA); and other contacts from the local government & schools, youth group, friends, students and regular attendees of the Brahma Kumaris Philippines’ programs.

Guest speaker, BK Yogesh Sharda, National Coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris Turkey, gave a powerful and inspirational talk on this project…… how each one, of all generations can contribute to the construction of this beautiful world. Here are some of the insights captured by participants from his presentation:

  • “Firstly, I like his analogy of a man and the globe puzzle. It is true and I realize that if we wish to bring the world together, then as an individual I need to come together as a person, I need to be integrated, I need to bring every part of myself together and be in harmony with my own self and then I can be in harmony with others.”
  • “If I want to contribute towards a beautiful world, then I need to upgrade myself, be the version 2.0 of myself and this correlates with the level of my self-respect. I need to be aware of my true self – the beautiful star, a loving energy, the spiritual self in the center of the forehead.”
  • “The more I practice soul awareness, the real I, the true I, my sense of security will come from deep inside me and that ego masks will begin to disappear. I become stabler, stronger, more secure. Then my beautiful me is emerging from inside me. I am also able to share that to my family friends, work colleagues. This is what is needed to create a beautiful world. I am able to be more tolerant, I am able to be more patient, I am able to be more encouraging . So this brings out the best me, the beautiful me then it becomes my contribution towards creating a beautiful world.”

Here are some of the experiences shared after the workshop:

  • “We are united in creating a positive view of the world … and also all the positive qualities that we want to world to have.”
  • “Beautiful world … birds chirping, flowers blooming, people dancing in happiness, loving feelings … “
  • “Collectively visualizing the image of the beautiful world … we all feel hopeful.”
  • “Beautiful world … paradise … We have common aspirations for a beautiful world. We feel positive. We feel happy and relaxed. While sharing, it feels like we are in paradise.”

We ended the program with smiles on each one’s faces, with hopes and inspirations, with sweet and good thoughts and feelings for each other and with determination to practice the wonderful lessons and powerful insights we all got from this meaningful program – to consciously engage our hearts and minds in creating a Beautiful World. And it all starts from within.

When I change, the world changes.

In conclusion, is it possible for me to upgrade myself on the mind/spirit level? What would a better you be like? What is the level of my self respect? What is my self respect based upon? Where does my self respect come from?

“If I want to contribute towards a beautiful world, then I need to upgrade myself, be the version 2.0 of myself … “

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