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Youth LEAP for Planet 50-50 by 2030

10th September, 2016
India Islamic Cultural Center

Youth participants, Delhi

An excited group of 150 youth members and representatives from various NGOs and schools working towards gender equality, participated in the second in a series of Youth Dialogues in India.

The UN Global Youth Advocate and UN Women co-hosted this event in Delhi entitled, “Youth LEAP for Planet 50-50 by 2030.”

UN Women, the only one of its kind, is an entity created in the 21st century by the United Nations Organization for the purpose of promoting gender equality and women empowerment.  Youth LEAP is a very great endeavor which aims at empowering women and girls at various positions and various stratas. It is a comprehensive map for attaining gender equality by the year 2030 and we believe if we follow this, a gender equal world isn’t far!

We had the honor of having UN Assistant Secretary-General and UN Women Deputy Executive Director, Mrs. Lakshmi Puri, address the young people.  She stressed on the role of media in gender equality, stating, “media, including social media, are a force multiplier for attaining gender equality. We want more young men to be #HeForShe, and take the LEAP forward for gender equality.”

Mrs. Lakshmi Puri meeting some youth leaders

Mrs. Lakshmi Puri meeting some youth leaders

Yuri Afanasiev, UN Resident Coordination in India beautifully shared that, “the UN cannot change India.  However, it is these young activists and change-makers here in the panel, today, that inspire change.”

My hope and optimism is to keep on growing with the vision of gender equality. It’s my moral duty, especially coming from a privileged background, to show others the same light as well. Laxmi Agawal, of Stop Acid Attacks, strengthened this hope when she said:  “We’re not victims, we’re survivors.  We’ve dreams and goals, just like anybody else.”

During the entire afternoon, I not only felt that it is the need of the hour but saw that most of my views were expanded and my thoughts were given better clarity on the pretext of how a few change-makers are going a long way in achieving this goal. The atmosphere of the event was invigorating and made everyone present believe in the need of economic empowerment and leadership of women in leading roles.

Youths and UNWomen delegation pledged their support of SDGs

Youths and UN Women delegation pledged their support of SDGs

This uplifting afternoon would not be complete without some musical performance! This was done by the talented singer and performer, Kunda Saun, a #HeForShe advocate on women’s empowerment.

Youth Dialogue in Delhi Kundan Saun singer and performer

Youth Dialogue in Delhi: Kundan Saun, singer and performer

In closing, I leave you with a strong statement by Rebecca Tavares , UN Women’s Representative for India, Maldives, Bhutan and Sri Lanka: We need the passion and commitment of young women and men to make this a global movement.”

I would like to finish with some food for thought: since we, the peoples of the world, are the agents of change and not any outside force, shouldn’t we aim to fight off our own inner negativity towards ourselves and others? The social evils that have plagued our society today are not making it easy to go out there and be that positive change. However,  I trust that with the experience of ‘enough is enough’ will provide the ability to put a full stop to negativity for our mind is merely a reflection of our thoughts. If we can change our thoughts, we can change our world.

(report prepared by Samridhi Arora, New Delhi)

You can learn more about the work of UN Women here

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